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Flamingo South Beach a Potential Health Risk to Tenants?

flamingo south beach apartmentsFlamingo South Beach Apartments

Please stay tuned as we develop Flamingo South Beach Reviews.  Please also be aware that we have started development of 2 other websites knows as and as well.

All of our sites will be developed to help protect the rights of all tennants who currenty reside at Flamingo South Beach Resorts located in Miami Beach Florida.

If you or someone you know has had problems at the Flamingo South Beach Apartments located in Miami Beach Florida and you want you’re voice to be heard, please send in all your issues to


Flaming South Beach WarningKnown Flamingo South Beach Issues

  1. Air Conditioner issues – I had over 4k worth of electronics damaged by the Flamingo South Beach Air conditioning unit
  2. Rodent and Insect Issues – We are now going on over 2 months of Ants and insects problem and not 1 person has addressed the issue
  3. Mold and Mildew Issues –  We have over 12 tenants already complain about mold and mildew issues, if your looking to join a class action law suit contact us today!
  4. Amenities don’t work – They sell you on luxury yet the hot tub has been shut down for over a month now, amenities? not here!
  5. Crime – constantly being reported, i have over 15 pictures from separate incidents of the police showing up here.  Family living? I think not.  The flamingo south beach needs to maybe do a more thorough background check when renting their apartments… Or do they do this on purpose? hmmmmmmm


flamingo south beach closetFlamingo South Beach Apartment Closet

Yes, this is the way the closet was left for almost 2 weeks.  Here is the funny part, I actually called maintenance after 4 days to let them know that not only the carpet was dried and requested for their equipment to be removed from my closet so I could actually use it, but there was a god awful smell that just erupted from this fan blowing around m,old and mildew throughout my entire apartment.  ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS REMOVE IT!!!



Flamingo South Beach leaking air conditionerFlamingo South Beach Air Conditioning Leaks

Yes, not only are there issues with the Flamingo South Beaches customer service or should i say, lack there of,  but there also seems to be issues with the maintenance of this building as well.  Not only does their Air conditioning hardly work, but they break too! These issues are not covered by the Flamingo and if you try and reason with them, no matter what you say… Your in the Wrong! or at least until you notify New Times about the repetitive issues going on :) Can you say “Inside Story Investigation”



flamingo south beach mold and mildewFlamingo South Beach May Have Mold!

Mold, Mold and More Mold! Is this what tenants at the Flamingo South Beach are paying for?? If your looking at becoming a tenant at the flamingo resort located in Miami Beach florida then you may want to think again!!!! If you or someone you know has had issues at the Flamingo South Beach then give us your email to find out how you can help fix the issues at the Flamingo South Beach.  Let’s be honest, you can choose to pay for mold or you can choose to “Just Pay” or at least that seems to be managements motto here at the lovelu Flamingo Resort in Miami Beach Florida.



Flamingo South Beach Has Crime??

Yup, yet another story for Flamingo Residents, we not only have reports of bad air conditioning, mold and mildew, Insect issues etc…. but apparently they also offer Crime at no additional charge.  Just last week Crime Scene investigation was at the Flamingo South Beach for another “Routine” crime here at the lovely resort.  If you or someone you know has had issues at The Flamingo South Beach Apartmes, don;t wait contact us today!



AIMCO Public CompanyFlamingo South Beach (AIMCO) a Public Company?

Very Interesting…. So i’m digging deeper and deeper into the politics of this AIMCO company and come to find out, Their public!!! Not only that but they are backed by some pretty powerful investors that I’m sure would not want to hear about all the issues that are happening at their lovely resort.  Here is a list of some of the key investors in case anybody is interested.  The best part about being public…. You can find anything!!! I’ll start contacting the individual share holders after three days to see how AIMCO handles this issue…

  1. COHEN & STEERS (Major Share Holder)
  2. ING Clarion Real Estate Securities LLC (Major Share Holder)